Monday, August 1, 2011

The Moonquest: A True Fantasy

The book I decided to showcase today, I have had on my bookshelf for a while....ok, probably a year or two (blushes). As intriguing as the cover is and exciting the story, somehow, the right moment to read it never came. I wanted to wait until I had a whole weekend to do nothing but read, because I had a feeling, I would not want to put this one down.

Well, why I waited so long is beyond me.....this was  truly a gift!              
The Moonquest: A True Fantasy by Mark David Gerson is the first book of this fascinating and entertaining fantasy. Imagine a land where storytelling is outlawed and punishable by death.

“In a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death, only one bard’s  imagination can end this tyranny.”

This is not just a book; this is whole new phenomenon, a whole new world. When I read this book to my granddaughters, their eyes opened wide, the look on their precious faces were…..well, awe inspiring. They enjoyed it so much the first time, they asked that I read it again, which I enjoyed immensely, because it’s not just for children. Adults will enjoy reading the words of this creative and talented wordsmith. He writes this story as no one else ever could.

 Mark David Gerson is the creator of the Q’ntana Trilogy of fantasy books and films. He is an award winning author, a screenwriter, a script analyst and more……

The Moonquest: A True Fantasy ~ the movie ~ coming in 2012!!!

And coming soon after, will be The Starquest and The Sunquest to take us deeper into the land of Q’ntana.

Mark David is also a mentor and coach, a consultant, an inspirational and motivational speaker.  

 If you are an aspiring writer, Mark David’s rules will help to put things into perspective. He is also the author of The Voice of the Muse.

 Visit his website at and his online bookstore. 

~ Enjoy ~ 
Your Ethereal Chick                                 
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  1. LOL! (Your Ethereal Chick)
    Okay, we're getting it! We are at that point were we need a new fantasy full of sequels.
    ~The Supernatural Chick~

  2. I know I'd love it too this sounds right up my ally. And I understand hanging onto a book for the right time I do that myself.
    **The Mythical Chick**

  3. Silvina, I don't know about you and no offense to the authors, but I'm really tired of vampires. How about you? :-)

    Deb, I do that a lot. Hang on to a book that I feel is going to require all of my attention for a few days. I don't like being interrupted when I'm in another world.:-)