Monday, August 15, 2011

Zombies, Werewolfs and Amy Lunderman

I found Amy while strolling along bloggy world and I was struck by her talent and imagination.  I am happy to have her here today so the rest of you can meet her.  Amy, tell us about yourself.  

I’m a stay at home mom, with a passion to write paranormal romantic thriller's whether they be adult or young adult. I live in Rhode Island with my fianc√© and our beautiful daughter. I enjoy writing, reading, being a mom, watching movies and television, having dance party, youtube, and status updates on facebook. I’ve recently self-published one complete young adult Trilogy and am working on another young adult series.

 What are you working on right now?

I’ve completed my first self-published novels in the They Walk Trilogy with They Walk, They Stumble, and They Fall. They are a young adult paranormal romantic thriller, which focuses on a zombie outbreak in the middle of Maine. Here is the synopsis for They Walk:

“Maggie Cooper was your average seventeen year old girl, living the quiet life in a small town, in Maine. That is until she goes to a party that will change her life forever.

With an undecided love triangle, the rising dead, power outages, and no sign of hope, she and her friends are faced with a horror they never saw coming. Will they react in time to save their lives and the lives of those they care for?

Maggie is going to have to dig deep to find an inner strength she didn't know she even had, if she wants to survive. Some will be lost and some will be found, but will everyone make it?

How will you survive if the dead walked in all directions and you had nowhere to turn?”

Okay! That sounds cool!

I’ve also recently released Persona and Unbroken from my new Staying Alive Series. This is a young adult dystopian paranormal romance, which has a new twist on the werewolf lore. Book three is currently in the early stages of its first draft, while the fourth and fifth books are slowly being outlined. Here is the synopsis for Persona:

“Moira Warner never had an easy life, of course yours wouldn’t be either if you grew up in a lab. It’s the year 2028, and an experiment that went wrong seventeen years ago sent a once thriving Country into lock down. Half of the populous in the world are genetic mutations now, while the other half lives in fear of them. Immersed together, the rules of life changes and for some not for the better.

Moira is one of the lucky few who are in hiding now, but moving back to the town she fled from makes that hard. Now she has to blend in while starting at a new school and try not to draw any attention to herself. But can you really blend in if your hair, eyes, and among other things change when you lose control? Or being what Moira calls ‘A mood ring on steroids.’

Being the new girl is never easy and making friends is even worse, but then something happens that makes her change everything she once believed in. With the help from someone she would have never thought, she must come face to face with her past. A past she would rather forget.”

I am also currently working on a young adult fantasy series that takes a new spin on Greek mythology and folklore. The first book in the series is already outlined and is in the very early stages of the first draft. Hoping to have this one out sometime in August. Here is the synopsis that I just released on my blog with a cover reveal:

“Meet Aurora Grey, big city girl with everything going her way. That is until she gets a call stating that her estranged father has passed away and left her his South Carolina plantation. Packing up and heading for the Deep South, Aurora discovers that her father had more secrets than just being a nonexistent dad.

From the moment she steps foot into her new house, Aurora knows something is off, but she can't figure out what. It doesn't help that the strange young caretakers eyes follower her everywhere she goes. When her mother has to leave suddenly, Aurora finds herself with the feeling that the very walls are closing in on her. A raging storm and a startling nightmare, sends her on a mission in the middle of the night towards something that will change her life forever.

Some things are better left forgotten, and Aurora is about to find that out the hard way. One thing that keeps her on her feet and partly sane, are the new and unexpected people she meets along the way. Most of them will mean more to her in the days to come, but for now she takes what she can.With hidden rooms, new love, magic, destiny, fear, legend, crazed serial killers, and psycho pep squad cheerleader types; Aurora is in for the summer of her life.”

How do you balance your home and family life and your work or hobby?  

I am a stay at home mom, so my two year old daughter, Madilyn, occupies pretty much all of my time. She is young enough however, that she still gets at least one good nap a day. This is usually when I do most of my writing. Lately, I’ve been setting goals for myself, so that I can approach writing in a way that it won’t consume me. I can usually finish the first draft of a novel in about two weeks, so I try to at least write four or more chapters a day. This varies, as day to day life intervenes, but so far so good.

I’ve sat down one night a couple months ago and outlined all of my works in progress and mapped out what my release and writing schedule will be like for the next year or so. Luckily, I have a ton of budding ideas, so I should be pretty busy for a while. This is the way I like it! As time goes on and life gets in the way, I’m sure I’ll post pone certain works. For now though, it’s a nice feeling to have all these goals to work forward to.

Why did you choose to go indie and are all your books in e-book format?

With the demand of ebooks, this is the most used and professional form of self-publishing - it definitely makes it easier for a first time writer to give it a try! For now, I like the freedom I have with doing everything at my own pace. It's grilling sure, having to do all the ins and outs myself, but it's also rewarding. Just recently I joined CreateSpace, and all of my books are now available in print!

What is your advice to people who are in the middle of their WIPs?  

Don’t give up. The hardest part is writing your book in the first place, and all the rest is just fun. So enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid to take the leap.

Some of Amy's books are currently $.99 , so this is your chance to go over there and check her work out! 
They Walk Trilogy

Staying Alive Series

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  4. Silvina, what an awesome interview with Amy. I can feel a real love for writing from her answers to your insightful questions.

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