Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not Just an Ordinary Rabbit

o       Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider is riveting and Soul Shaking...Not just another vampire story. This one will make you think and keep you on the edge of your seat.
     Whoever thought writing a bestseller could be so dangerous?

 Author Beth Rider's second vampire novel has hit number one and she is flying high on her new-found fame, but at a fated book signing that runs late into the night, Beth is confronted by an evil she'd only experienced in nightmares. Jack Dawn, a supernatural monster belonging to an ancient race of bloodthirsty immortals known as the Rakum, vows to track down and kill the young writer because of the vile redemptive message her book is bringing his people. The Rakum have spread evil among mankind since the Beginning, growing in strength and influence with every passing century.

Jack's proselyte Michael Stone was brought up from his youth to be strong, sensible and oftentimes, brutal. But when he stumbles upon the beautiful and apparently innocent Beth Rider, he is instantly smitten, despite the fact that a few seconds later he realizes that she is the target of his Elder's fury. Puzzled by Jack's unreasonable condemnation, Michael takes it upon himself to protect the lovely author from the limitless lust of his brethren.

Facing the most terrifying trial of her life against creatures known only in fables, one simple woman will unintentionally threaten the very existence of a powerful and accursed people. In the climactic mêlée, it is a race to the death, or if Beth has her way, a race to the life-of every Rakum who makes the choice.
      How about a minute with the author, Ellen C Maze.


How was Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider born?

Rabbit was born in 2008 after I had completed the majority of the work on the four novels in The Corescu Chronicles. I had begun querying agents and editors for Book One, The Judging, and felt I needed to write something that I could self-publish while I waited to get picked up by an agent. (Link: 

o      How did you get the idea for it?
I actually had the basic idea originally when I was 16 years old: What would happen if –just for fun—you wrote that someone you knew was a vampire, and then they turned out to really be one? (link: ) That idea is the tiny seed that blossomed into the giant mustard tree that The Rabbit Trilogy has become.

  Did life experience have any part in your book?
The first novel I ever read was Dracula by Bram Stoker, so yeah, I was hooked from Day One on the vampire genre. Soon, I was reading any vampire book I could get my hands on, and back in the 80’s they were all adult books—full of things my little eyes never should have read, things I couldn’t begin to understand, yet they planted seeds in my mind that remain today. I don’t read vampire fiction anymore—I write it. And I have so many novels in my head that I could release one a year for the rest of my life and maybe not get through!
o        How long did it take you to write it?
Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider was written in about ten months. I wrote the majority of it “on the fly,” meaning I sat at the computer and wrote whatever came to me. I had no outline and I had no idea what was to happen when. The only time I slowed down was when I reached the last third of the book. I had to take two weeks off from writing to “get the end” or the climax. Once I had that in my head, I finished the book and entered the editing phase. Looking back at my other novels, I can fairly say that it takes me 8-10 months to write a full-length vampire/paranormal novel. Some authors write faster, but to be honest…they’re not writing what I write. My tales are different and unique and I take my time in getting them down correctly. I love sharing my imagination with the reader and I absolutely LOVE to write!
o      What other works you've done?
As aforementioned, my first completed novel was The Judging. It was published one year after Rabbit by TreasureLine Publishing. Then immediately following came Rabbit Legacy (Book Two in the trilogy) and Loose Rabbits of the Rabbit Trilogy (sort of a Book 1 ½ filled with back story and juicy info on the characters). I also released a collection of odd tales with 8 other authors entitled, Feckless Tales of Supernatural, Paranormal, and Downright Presumptuous Ilk. It’s a long and funny title, and you should see the cover—downright amazing! In fact, all of my covers are amazing—created by my artist daughter Elizabeth E. Little of Hyliian Graphic Design. In May 2011, TreasureLine released Book Two of The Corescu Chronicles, Damascus Road. This is my most recent baby and I love it. The readers say it’s my best yet. I hope you guys will go to my website at and learn more about my 5-star, bestselling novels. I would love to hear what you think!
o      Any words of encouragement to those who are still working on their    WIP's or are hoping to get published?
Yes! Don’t give up! And if you get stuck, help is out there. Connect with aspiring AND established writers online. Both have something to share and you need their special kind of support to succeed. Get on Facebook and meet these guys. If any of you are aspiring writers and would like advice, or if you’ve written a novel and wonder what to do next, join me on Facebook under “The Author’s Mentor—TAM.” I have started a new business to aid new writers and help them recognize their dream of being published. Come see me and let’s help each other!
I’m sending all of you a great big Southern Belle HUG,
Until next time,
Ellen C. Maze

We are hugging you back...thanks so much!!! The book is awesome and looking forward to more!!!


  1. Thank you, KF and girls! This is a super blog!! ~ Ellen C Maze

  2. Yeay!! Ellen is here!!!
    I read Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider and I have to say that I started reading it not knowing what I was about to read. Honesty I had no idea how a story with that title was going to turn out. And simply put, I loved it! I was surprised at how gripping the story was and how deep some of the issues were. Ellen is now one of my (secret) mentors. Meaning, she doesn't know it...yet.

  3. OK! I have Ellen's books on my Amazon Kindle. I think you girls just bumped it up a notch or two on my TBR list :-)

    Great interview with Ellen, Kim!

  4. Thank you, Silvina! I am hugely complimented, because YOUR novel is a real force of nature. Thank you for being so sweet to me!

    Cynthia -- thank you-- you are a total DOLL. I hope your trip down the Rabbit Hole is a enjoyable one... watch out for Rakum and angry Cows (you'll get it later!)

    HUGS~~ ellen