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Author questions spirituality, existence of gods in one man's international travels in fictional novel

In Tariel's Way: A Spiritual Adventure Michael B. Millard tries to answer questions about faith that have existed for years through adventures of a protagonist

Geneseo, NY - Dec 20, 2011 - Michael B. Millard's Tariel's Way: A Spiritual Adventure provides a skeptical perspective of religion with a story set in 12th century B.C. in western Asia.Tariel is an elderly man whom young people go to for advice, and in return, he tells them hisstory to give them insight.

During his initiation ceremony into the Bronze Age Caucasian Mountain Tribe, a wolf bitesTariel. The man falls ill, and hallucinates that he is peaceful with the silver wolf. He has to leave his village, and when he tries to return to his village and his feeling of selflessness, he experiences a sequence of wild adventures all over the world.

Tariel gets the opportunity to have some intense spiritual experiences through these adventures and meets several religious figures along the way. The people he meets try to explain what is occurring to him, but the only person who can make him fully understand is Dang Ra, a Tibetan woman he met on his journey.

"This book investigates spiritual issues at a time before the advent of the great religions," Millard said. "It is my attempt to confront the most basic of all questions: do the gods exist?"

Millard believes that yoga students, people who practice eastern religions as well as anyoneinterested in a good adventure story will enjoy his book. He hopes that his fictional workencourages reader to explore some of the most important religious-centered questions that have plagued humans forever. 

About the author:
Michael B. Millard was born in San Francisco and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated from Washington University cum laude, and later received his doctorate in modern Russian history from the University of Rochester. He was a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch, but he now teaches literature as an adjunct professor of English at the State University of New
York at Geneseo. He and his wife, Frances Luce, have two sons, Clayton and Peter. 

About the book:
Tariel's Way: A Spiritual Adventure by Michael B. Millard

Find the answers that are revealed by Michael B. Millard in Tariel's Way: A Spiritual Adventure.                                               
                                                                           ~The Ethereal Chick~

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