Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Year’s Resolution

It that time again to evaluate ones progress and accomplishments of the past year and either pat yourself on the back or kick yourself in the butt.

After a thorough evaluation of my own I grabbed a soft cushion for my tender derriere and made a new plan of action to get better results this year.

I realized that I have to want the choices that lead to result I really want and by extension if I choose to do things that don’t get me what I want, then what I really want is the negative result I end up with.

Let me paint a picture for you; if I want to get into shape I have to want to get up early and work out. I have to want to have stiff muscles and fatigue. But if I instead allow myself to give into temptation and sleep in so that I don’t have time to work out I must therefore concede that I what I really want is to not fit into my skinny jeans.

This led me to wonder what it is I really want.

Now, I have made goals for myself in the past even accomplished some of them but I don’t know that I ever looked on those goals as something that I really wanted; with a desire that has a strong pull from somewhere in my gut. This time I’m not making a goal merely for my betterment, I’m writing down the things that I want; my hearts desire. And that’s just what I wrote at the top of a piece of paper “What do I really want?” I then listed those things and under each I wrote a few things that I need to want to do in order to get what I really want. I plan to post my list in my room and read it every day so that I don’t get distracted, witch, let’s face it is easy to do.

Second on my list is my desire to be a published author. I suddenly can’t see why I have been waiting so long or why I have allowed my first draft to be such a huge hurdle. Well no more; not since I did some searching to understand the all important crappy first draft. I wish I could remember the now elusive web page I found that changed my thinking about first drafts and the importance of reading other works because it helped me take this step.

I am now prepared to take a monumental step. I am now announcing, for the whole world to make me accountable that I will finish my first draft by January 31st.

Wow I said it! It’s done! Do or die time.

In order to accomplish this I will, because I want to, write 15- 90 min every day; rain or shine, sick or healthy, busy or brain dead. EVERY DAY!!!

Now I’ll extend this question to YOU; do you want to join me?

~The Mythical Chick~


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I truly do. I have a few short stories published in a few print and e-zine anthologies, but I still don't feel I can call myself a published author. It's a personal thing, because technically, I am one. BUT, I have worked on my novel for two years now and it is so close to publication, that I can feel the book in my hands. When it is in print in my hands, then I will call myself a "published" author.

    Happy New Year, Debbie!

    Cindy ~the ethereal chick~

  2. Thank you Cindy, I knew you'd have my back! :)

  3. I'm in too! ...Though I'm already doing that. In fact I am proof that if you write every day you can finish a full length novel in a year. Now I just have to apply that same philosophy to working out!