Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Kringle Manuscripts - 1588: Beginnings as told by "Lars" the Lemming!

Today, I am featuring a book that was written and edited by a friend of mine, Andrew Fisher.  Actually, he was my teacher in Human Potential, my first semester at Midstate College. A great man who loves the "Arts" and is very talented and knowledgeable about life in general. He has written classroom textbooks. 
However, his take on Kris Kringle is magical and will leave you with a warm heart for the upcoming Holiday Season. 

A really great book to read with  the whole family at this time of year. It paints a wonderful picture of what the real reason is for the season. 

Its Beautiful! Its Magical!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages....
I give you,
Lars the Lemming

"This tale is based on my personal experiences with Kristopher Kringle Claus, the great humanitarian, known the world over as the beloved Santa Claus. I did not meet Kris Kringle until his 20th year. Details of his early life are largely a mystery. I do know that he was christened on Christmas Day in 1560. It is safe to assume that he was born about December 14 since it was custom to baptize children 11 days after birth. It is a striking coincidence that his baptism took place on Christmas since that day figures so prominently in his life. His personal character has no human equal. Kris lived only to bring joy and happiness to countless millions throughout the centuries. He has given of himself without any thought of personal gain. My desire is that after reading this story those who are already grateful for his generosity will also come to appreciate his contribution to the human experience. My sincere thanks go to my editor and his assistants. I am indebted to their patience and research. Everything has been done to set the record straight on Kris Claus’ extraordinary life. Without them and their skills Kris’ story could not have been told. My doctor tells that me that I am not long for this world. I feel fortunate that this manuscript is now ready for publication. My fondest hope is that with my remaining time Kris and I will yet enjoy many more rides and bring smiling faces to our precious children on Christmas morning. 

Set down this day, July 20th 2069, 
Lars the Lemming"

"This tale is one of suspense, joy, heartbreak, love, death; just about everything included in a full life. The story’s characters are a mixed lot of saints and sinners: the beautiful and the ugly, the smart and the foolish, the wise and the insane. Some are trustworthy, some treacherous, some full of hate, some full of love. There’s an assortment of talking animals of every size and shape that wander the seas, soar above the earth, and roam upon the land. This story is about one of the most fully human men that ever lived; a real saint. The explanation of how he became so extraordinary is the purpose of this tale. Many of the events of this story are unusual and sometimes even beyond belief. They began in the vicinity of Nordkapp, Norway in June 1581 nearly half a millenia ago. It was a time when Kris and I were in the fullness of youth."

Beautiful memories can be made during the Holidays!

"The Kringle Manuscripts 1588: Beginnings" can be found here on Amazon Kindle.

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