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Featuring HUSHED by Kelley York

Hushed - Synopsis:

He's saved her. He's loved her. He's killed for her.

Eighteen-year-old Archer couldn't protect his best friend, Vivian, from
what happened when they were kids, so he's never stopped trying to protect
her from everything else. It doesn't matter that Vivian only uses him when
hopping from one toxic relationship to another - Archer is always there,
waiting to be noticed.

Then along comes Evan, the only person who's ever cared about Archer
without a single string attached. The harder he falls for Evan, the more
Archer sees Vivian for the manipulative hot-mess she really is.

But Viv has her hooks in deep, and when she finds out about the murders
Archer's committed and his relationship with Evan, she threatens to turn
him in if she doesn't get what she wants...And what she wants is Evan's
death, and for Archer to forfeit his last chance at redemption.

'Kelley York delivers in this impressive debut. I was at the edge of my
seat waiting to see what would happen next! Bottom line, this was
unputdownable!!!' --- YA Fantasy Guide ---

'How exciting that we live in a time when gay teen protagonists can be
just as screwed up as straight ones -- and their stories just as creepy!'
--- Brent Hartinger, award-winning author of Geography Club and Shadow
Walkers ---

Author Bio:

Kelley was born and raised in central California, where she still resides
with her lovely wife, daughter, and an abundance of pets. (Although she
does fantasize about moving across the globe to Ireland.) She has a
fascination with bells, adores all things furry - be them squeaky, barky
or meow-y - is a lover of video games, manga and anime, and likes to
pretend she's a decent photographer. Her life goal is to find a real
unicorn. Or maybe a mermaid.

Within young adult, she enjoys writing and reading a variety of genres
from contemporary with a unique twist, psychological thrillers,
paranormal/urban fantasy and horror. She loves stories where character
development takes center stage.

Let's find out more about Kelley!

When did you start writing and why?
I wrote fan-fiction for years, and I wrote short stuff for my original characters. Most of it stayed between me and friends and was never put out there. I started writing books about four (I think?) years ago. By that point, I’d made a few weak shots, but my first serious attempt led to a YA paranormal novel that I’d still like to rewrite and publish someday. 

     How did you know you were ready to write a novel?
I didn’t! I had this solid idea for the characters and decided to give it a go. Up until that point, my feeble book attempts had been fantasy, which I love the ideas for...but can never work properly. I thought I’d have better luck with paranormal set in modern-day times, and I was right. I went into it thinking, “Even if I don’t finish it, I’m still writing and enjoying it.”

    Where do you find inspiration to write?
Music. My characters. Often it’s a character idea that pops into my head that sparks something and makes me want to expand on them to learn more.

     Do you have a favorite place to go when you write and what does it look like?
Sadly, not really. I’ve always wanted to take a laptop and go out to a hotel overlooking the beach, or maybe a cabin in the mountains, and do nothing but write for a few days. Otherwise...most of my writing is done during lunch and breaks at my day job at a boring ol’ desk.

     How organized are you when you begin a new project, whether it’s a short story or a  novel? Do you outline or just start writing?
I start writing. In my head, I have a basic idea of where I’m going (at least for the first few chapters). I tried outlining for my last book, and it made things a lot harder for me. I ended up deviating from the outline, anyway.

     What is the one thing that makes you take a project all the way from beginning to end without giving up?
I have to love all my characters. I have to love them enough that I need some sort of closure (whether good or bad) for them, and I want to share their stories.

     What advice would you give a writer aspiring to be an author?
Enjoy what you’re doing. There will come a point, once you’re published, that you won’t have the luxury of taking however long you want. There will be deadlines and expectations. So, before you’re published, take the time to learn everything you can and really, really hone your craft.
     What else would you like to share about your writing journey?
It was long. Longer than some, shorter than others. I think I’m fortunate to have found people (Entangled) who loved this story as much as I did, and helped me to make it even better. My editor was amazing.

      What is one thing that you would love for your readers to know about you? It doesn’t have to have anything to do with writing, but it can if you if you wish.
I’m a terribly shy, anxious person until you get to know me. It’s easier online where I’m not talking to people face-to-face, but in person, I’m very shy, especially when talking about my writing. I never have the words for it. 

     Can you let us in on your next project?
My next project has another male/male romance, though I’m not sure it’s quite the ‘thriller’ that HUSHED is. I don’t want to say more ‘cause I don’t want to jinx it!

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