Thursday, January 19, 2012

Personal Checks and Balances

It has been three weeks since New Years and I feel somewhat obligated to update everyone on the progress of my resolution, which was to have my first draft finished by January 31st. I am proud to say that for the first time since I began this project I have written every single day. Some days all I can do is that fifteen minutes but most days I’m able to spend upwards of ninety. What has been really new and especially difficult for me is that I write without looking back; no deep editing of what I wrote yesterday. This has really taken the pressure off and allowed me to move forward with new ideas before they fade into the recesses of my brain.

I don’t mean to preach to the choir here, I’m just thrilled that I can fit the mold a little and what works for others is uncharacteristically working for me. I’m excited about this change in my work ethic and how much I’ve been getting done.

Unfortunately I’m still not as prolific as I would like to be. Even writing every day cannot compensate for my slow typing and thoughtful work. I can see now that my goal was a little lofty and I would have to completely ignore my other rolls as wife and mother to finish by the thirty-first, which I am not willing to do. But I’m not beating myself up over this because I really didn’t have any foreknowledge of what my personal steady pace was capable of. A goals soul purpose is for progression anyway right? So, for that reason I have moved my goal forward to a more realistic but still challenging date; the twentieth of February.

I should also note that I’m reading other works too; books that I think can inspire and help me move forward with my story. I’m currently reading Wuthering Heights for the first time. I don’t feel I need to review it because it’s possible that I’m one of the few who haven’t read it yet. But I will say this; it has broadened my vocabulary and sharpened my ability to describe events in my own work (not to mention grateful that I didn’t have to live in eighteenth century England). I highly recommend reading an old classic now and then. It’s kind of like swinging a ten pound bat before going to the plate.

I would really love to know how you are getting along with your own goals and resolutions. Any progress great or small is still forward movement and definitely worth sharing. Please!!!


  1. Deb, without your original goal, you would not have come this far. Congratulations! Baby steps is what gets us to the finish line.

    I was short of what I set out to accomplish this month, but next month will be better. At least we are moving forward:-)

  2. Your so right, Cindy. The goal gives us a destination but it's really the work and the progress that counts because that's our vehicle.
    I hope your February brings you closer to what you want.