Thursday, April 26, 2012

A is for Apple: A Horsey Alphabet by Ellen C Maze

You've never seen an alphabet book like this one. My two-year-old can't put it down. The illustrations are enchanting while the prose teaches the sound of each letter. Your child will fall in love with horses and the alphabet at the same time.
Each page is full of color and every equine illustrates letters in their own special way. This one of the best alphabet books I've ever seen.
Forming Letters with incredible flexibility, 26 distinct horse friends teach not only the alphabet, but also alliteration and a few fun adjectives along the way! From the golden Palomino on page one: "Adorable Annie ate all of the apples with abandon." To the crispy sorrel Clydesdale towards the end: "Victorious Vinnie vamoosed with all of Velma's visible vegetables." All children, young and old, will be charmed by this adorable new book by bestselling Christian Thriller novelist Ellen C. Maze. Written with help of her seven-year-old daughter (now nineteen-year-old novelist/artist) Elizabeth Little.

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