Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inside Out & Back Again by: Thanha Lai

No on would believe me
but at times
I would choose
wartime in Saigon
peacetime in Alabama

For all the ten years of her life, Ha has only known Saigon: the thrills of its markets, the joy of its traditions, the warmth of her friends close by . . . and the beauty of her very own papaya tree.
But know the Vietnam War has reached her home, Ha and her family are forced to flee as Saigon falls, and they board a ship headed toward hope. In America, Ha discovers the foreign world of Alabama: the coolness of its strangers, the dullness of its food, the strange shape of its landscape . . . and the strength of her very own family.

This is a moving story of one girl's year of change, dreams, grief, and healing as she journeys from one country to another, one life to the next.
"Open this book, read it slowly to savor the delicious language. Before closing it, go back to the beginning, this time to let the story of ten-year-old Ha and the year she escaped from south Vietnam, 1975, leaving behind the world she knew and loved, sink in. Read it again to notice how perfect the thin line of the prose itself mirrors the thin line that Ha walks that year. This is a book that asks the reader to be careful, to pay attention, to sigh at the end."
~Kathi Appelt
Reading this book was like eating a satisfying and delicious meal. All you do at the end is
get lost in thought and sigh of peace and happiness.
I would recommend this book for ages 8 and up.