Saturday, June 2, 2012

Short story/ Chapter 3

For Chapters 1 and 2 refer to my earlier posts. Enjoy!



            Stacy sat in her usual shady spot out side her work, eating what appeared to Ben to be a tuna sandwich on wheat and baby carrots. A few days ago she ate in a different location and he had nearly called the police before he found her in her parked car. He knew he couldn’t just continue stalking her like this but he hadn’t worked out a better plan yet. His search for the name and whereabouts of the Black Widow Killer wasn’t going well, which still left Ben with no real evidence other than the self incriminating files in his apartment. He hoped it wouldn’t come to it but he wouldn’t let Stacy get murdered to keep him self out of jail. So for now he kept close tabs on her in the hopes of keeping her alive. Fortunately for him, she led a pretty predictable schedule.   
            She took her time, taking delicate bites, alternating between the two victuals; always setting the food down between bites.  He wondered if her eating behavior had anything to do with her excessive exercising. From what he could see from her partially opened drapes at her apartment, she spent nearly all her free time on her treadmill. 
            Ben’s interest in her complex character had only heightened in this last couple of weeks watching over her. She was beautiful and successful; carrying her self in a confident way that told most nerdy, lanky guys like him self to crawl in a hole and die rather than try to approach her. But Ben knew her better than that. Inside she was uncommonly kind, unsure of everything and generally lost.
            In his further study of her, he found a news paper article from her small home town near Butte. He learned that she was thrown into foster care after her parents and older brother, Mark were killed in a bear attack while camping in Montana. A toddler at the time she was being watched by a neighbor, which became her first of many short term homes. The credentials of her resume suggested to Ben that she pushed herself beyond her unfortunate upbringing. Ben often wondered why she couldn’t seem to see what an amazing accomplishment that is. Sometimes he wished someday, somehow he’d have a chance to tell her what an incredible person he has found her to be.
            As he watched her pack up her belongings through the screen on his phone; her soft brown hair brushing off her shoulder by a breeze, He forced himself to recognize that she was not the only one in danger. He was falling in love with her.    

To be continued... 


  1. Deb, there are so many different elements and layers to this story and it all flows perfectly together. Your descriptions allow one to linger in the scene. I love the anticipation of waiting for the next chapter.
    Great job!

  2. You're the best, Cindy! You might be my only reader but you're a great audience! I appreciate you.

  3. I really, really like this story! This is like a Charles Dickens weekly installments. I bet this is a great way to be motivated to finish your story and to move it along.


  5. The tension is building in your story, and we can only wonder what's coming next. Great job! Guys like Ben are the reason I never hand over my computer to techies no matter what problems it's having. LOL If I can't fix it, it just doesn't get fixed. Of course, although I found Ben creepy in the beginning, compared to the Black Widow Killer, he's starting to look pretty good. Keep writing, so we can find out how this all turns out :-}

  6. Thank you, Nikki! The inspiration for this story came when I needed to send my computer in for an overhaul last year.I was a little worried about my files.