Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Prolific and Creative Writer ~ Laura Eno

Laura Eno intertwines Sci/Fi, Paranormal and Romance in a way that keeps her readers coming back for more.

I am a major fan of author Laura Eno and the worlds that she creates within the pages of her books. I highly recommend these colorful books for anyone who wants to be taken away to another world.


 Raven, Book 1 of the Carriena Oracles

 a Sci/Fi Romance novella by Laura Eno

A woman without love........
              A man without here to read more!



My Enchanted Life

a YA fantasy by Laura Eno

An American teen finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed in England’s magical community of Wode Gate. While dealing with gnomes, a cranky dragon, murder and mayhem, Emma tries to here to read more!



Immortal Desires, A Well of Souls Book – Coming soon!

a Paranormal Romance novel ~ coming soon

After being dumped at the altar, Brianna Cameron seeks a
fresh start in life. She gets more than she bargained for after accepting a new
job, when an Immortal Guardian sends here to read more!


  1. What a happy surprise! Thank you for featuring me. :)

  2. You are so welcome, Laura! Your new site/blog is absolutely beautiful. The hunk at the top of the page isn't bad either. (wink, wink) :-)You amaze me with your talent, which has nothing at all to do with the "hunk", but with your writing:-)

  3. Agreed. Laura is an engaging, entertaining, and prolific writer - at whatever length she chooses for a story.

    And her new digs are most impressive.

  4. Thank you Cindy, for introducing Laura to us! I'm getting my Kindle right now!

  5. Cindy - The "hunk" helps my muse... ;)

    Kevin - Thank you!

    S.B. - It's nice to meet you too!

  6. Hi Kevin, so nice to meet a friend of Laura's. Thank you for visiting.

    Sil, you're welcome....isn't her site beautiful?

    Laura, I hope Jezebel isn't jealous of that "hunk".

  7. I'm so amazed at how fast and amazing Laura writes. I'm such a huge fan.

  8. Ciara, so am I. It is taking me so long to get my first novel out. I don't know how she does it:-)

    Thanks for coming by:-)

  9. You are prolific. You can write a book quicker than I can think of one to write :)

  10. Ciara - Thank you! *blushes*

    Cindy - I chain myself to the desk...

    Carol - Ha! Not quick enough though. I have way too many stories in the queue.

  11. Just started My Enchanted Life...loving it!

  12. Nice to meet you Cindy. I know what you mean by prolific I can't keep up with her.... and that is just reading the books. But then she has helped make quite a few hospital stays more pleasant, even with the vampires showing up every 6 to 8 hours to take blood. Now if I ever get a kindle I can maybe keep up with her....
    Nah, that will never happen.

    Pamela Jo

  13. Thanks, Pam! I'll try to keep you in reading material and tell those vampires you'll send Jezebel after them. :)

  14. Hi Pamela Jo! I'm happy to meet you. Hospital stays are no fun at all...
    We can add "great friend" to the list of Laura's attributes.:-)
    As far as keeping up with her, I think we need to take a speed reading course or

    1. Cynthia, that is the truth. But I don't think even Evelyn Woods could keep up with Laura.

      Pamela Jo

  15. I totally agree, Laura is a prolific writer - and all her books are great, not just fluff churned out. Her mind is probably a very interesting place!

  16. Helen, I agree! Wouldn't you just love to live in her mind, even for just a day? There would never be a dull moment.:-)

    Thank you for visiting. You can hit the follow button if you'd like.

  17. I came back again 'cause I forgot to say how much I love Laura's covers. They're always enticing.

  18. Cindy and Helen - Y'all need to wear hip boots if you're gonna wade through my mind. :)
    Thanks for liking the covers! I fret over them, wanting them to be perfect and driving the designer crazy.

  19. Helen, please stop by anytime :-) Thank you!
    Laura's covers are beautiful and make you want to jump right into the pages of the book.

    Laura, we probably need scuba gear, as well. Your creativity is so deep:-)

  20. I need to get caught up with all of Laura's titles.