Monday, June 27, 2011

Adoration - beginning of a YA Fantasy

This is my first official post as a member of Chicks in Lit and at first I wasn't sure if I should post a review or write about something else.Then I decided that I would like to share the beginning of a YA Fantasy novel I'm writing titled Adoration.I only started it a few days ago so there isn't much to it but I hope all of you enjoy what I have written so far.


Katerina stepped off the boat that had only minutes before docked in Athens, Greece and took in the view around her. The ocean stretched on for miles and she could hear the distant murmur of village people going about their day. She took a deep, cleansing breath and her mouth filled with the salty tang of the ocean air. As she made her way into the village square Katerina stopped a young man, not much older than herself and asked if he could point her in the direction of the Starfish Inn. He answered her with a strongly accented voice, “You're one of those American tourists, aren't you?” “I don't see how that is any of your business, I was only asking where the Starfish Inn is located.” “I'll tell you only if you share your name. Mine is Cal.” Blowing out a deep breath, she said “If you must know my name is Katerina. Now will you please show me where the Starfish Inn is?” “Fine, let's go. Follow me but don't dawdle, I have places I need to be. Don't stop to talk to anyone unless you enjoy being pickpocketed.” “Hmph... Well I talked to you so does that mean you're a thief?” “Ha, wouldn't you like to know? Even if I was which I am not I wouldn't share that bit of info with you.” Cal came to an abrupt stop, causing Katerina to slam into his back. “How about a little warning next time you decide to stop so abruptly?” “Here's the Starfish Inn. You won't find better accomendations anywhere else in Athens.” “Wait! Can you tell me where the Cyprus Gardens are?” “I was told to go there and see the Cupid statue.” Cal turned around and smirked at her. “Oh so you're one of those people.” “One of what people?” “Those people who come here thinking that kissing the Cupid statue is going to free him. Let me tell you right now, that is just some stupid story made up by some lady to keep her daughter from giving up hope on finding her soulmate.” “By your reaction to my question I can assume that you have never been in love because if you had you wouldn't be such a cynic.”


  1. Ooo...I hope she kisses the statue and sets Cupid free! Please tell me she does!

  2. Very descriptive, Tanya and fun to read. Each sentence pulls you along. I was intently reading and it was as if I slammed into Cal's back when he stopped abruptly. Very nice!